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Common Scams To Watch Out For

The Fake Diploma/Fake Degree or Fake ID "Review" Website and Blog Scams - These are supposed "Independent" and "Unbiased" sites that "Supposedly" review Fake Novelty Diploma/Degree and Fake ID websites as well as Fake Online Schools for the general public as a gesture of "Goodwill" out of the kindness of their hearts. They list some sites as A+++ Excellent and others as Mediocre and Poor. The Sad Truth is that ALL "Review" Websites/Blogs are owned/operated by individuals that also own certain Fake Diploma/Fake Degree websites, Fake ID Websites and fake Online Schools. They list websites (that they secretly own) as the A++ Excellent sites and they list their competition as Mediocre, Average and Poor. To add insult to injury, at the bottom of some of these sites they even go so far as to say that you should only trust and buy from sites that have been independently "reviewed" by a third party Fake Diploma Review Site/Blog. How could anybody trust people who make these fake review sites, pretending to be an independent reviewer, when really they are being insidiously dishonest. These "Review Sites" and "Review Blogs" cost time, effort and money to advertise/operate and none of the owners pay to advertise these review websites/blogs to be good citizens. They have a definite financial reason behind it. Over the years we have been contacted by a few of these website and blogs that pop up on the internet from time to time, offering to list us as highly rated if we paid them a monthly fee!! Incredible, isn't it? Simply stated, the "Fake Diploma/Degree Review Site/Blog" is a very dishonest way for a Fake Diploma/Degree/Transcript Site or Fake Online School owner to try to win your business. Unfortunately, there are many unsuspecting people who are fooled by these review websites and blogs on a daily basis, so we can only hope internet shoppers see this warning first. We have never and will never participate in such nonsense as operating a Bogus Diploma "Review" Website / Blog nor will we ever be extorted by any of them - They are Always a Scam. If you want to see which fake diploma businesses are associated with linking to these bogus blogs and review sites, you the internet shopper simply needs to perform a quick "backlink" check which shows which fake diploma site(s) are heavily backlinking to these review websites and blogs. You may ask yourself "Why would a fake diploma website want to heavily link to a review site or blog that they are associated with?" The answer is simple...to improve search engine page rank for the bogus review site! Click Here and enter the full URL (internet address) of any fake diploma review site or blog to see the dishonest fake diploma seller associated with the bogus review site/blog by seeing the heavy amount of backlinks from the fake diploma business to the bogus fake review site/blog. So in summary, if you see a fake diploma review site or fake diploma review blog, you can rest assured that the reviews are a Total Scam.

The "Find a Better Diploma/Transcript and We'll Pay you $100 Scam" or "Money Back Guarantee" Scam - Here is yet another ridiculous and dishonest scam to try to win your business. It has been reported to us on numerous occasions that some websites are offering a $100 reward if the customer can find a better Diploma and/or Transcript than what they received from their site. Many of our customers have first gone to these sites and we are told that when they received the item and they are disgusted with the lack of quality that they cannot even get a response from the website. No response on a refund, no replacement and certainly not a $100 reward from finding a better Diploma and/or Transcript. Additionally, many of them will tell you that the diploma you received from some other site is not better quality than theirs and that you do not qualify for the money back guarantee on that basis. Again...Total Scam


To Be Continued as our customers notify us of future scams....

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